Savasana Chakra Garden

Savasana, the act of surrender, practicing becoming one with the earth, letting go, and appreciating stillness. I love the heaviness I feel in my body during savasana at the end of practice, allowing the earth to hold all my weight. I was inspired by this pose for this piece I recently finished in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to represent the body connected to the earth … Continue reading Savasana Chakra Garden

What Buddha Said

Here’s new illustration to start Friday off, with some insprational words of wisdom from buddha.  Through my yoga practice I have learned just how much power our thoughts and our intentions have many aspects life.  I continuously remind myself to focus on living with gratitude.  I gently remind myself daily to let go of fears and worries that don’t serve me.  I concentrate on feeling … Continue reading What Buddha Said

Chandra Namaskar / Moon Salutation

This is a beautiful sequence to practice in the evening, especially if your like me, and your body and mind need a little coaxing into bed at night. The nature of Chandra Namaskar is slow, fluid, calming, and replenishing.  In contrast to Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation, which creates heat and wakes the body up, Chandra Namaskar cools and relaxes the body.  The following sequence I … Continue reading Chandra Namaskar / Moon Salutation

Our Wedding Invites

It’s about time!  My silence here on the blog has been mostly because I’ve been busy sorting, organizing, and editing the enormous amount of wedding photos we took so that I can begin sharing them!  Plus, I’ve been tackling few other design projects I look forward to sharing soon as well! But first!  I have been really excited to share our wedding invites that I … Continue reading Our Wedding Invites

Walnut-Basil Pesto Illustrated

I’m guilty. I consumed unmentionable amounts of sugar the past few weeks.  And now with a Hawaii wedding 5 weeks away, it’s time to cut the sugar, and other indulgently rich meals, out of the picture, and get back to some good ole clean eating! I’m always a sucker for pesto, and this version has the added nutritional  benefits of the walnut, plus the bonus … Continue reading Walnut-Basil Pesto Illustrated

Yoga Poses to Align Your Chakras

Physically tapping in to each chakra simulates balance between the energies in our bodies and minds, so on days when I can’t make it to class, or if I need an overall boost throughout the day, I find that even few minutes set aside to run through a series of poses focused on balancing chakras, helps me feel more energized and centered.  These 7 poses … Continue reading Yoga Poses to Align Your Chakras

Sweet & Savory Bruschetta: Two Ways

I’ve always been a sucker for foods that have delightful combinations of sweet and savory. These two variations of bruschetta have just that perfect pairing, mixing salty cheeses with sweet fruits, honey, and nuts.  The blueberry, ricotta, basil, and honey combination is so unexpected atop toasted baguette but the recipe, which was created by the inspiring women of A Beautiful Mess, is so delicious and … Continue reading Sweet & Savory Bruschetta: Two Ways