Mint Poached Peaches

This dessert looks lovely when served, and really is just so delicious! As the weather warms up, and time spent in the kitchen baking becomes a little less desirable, this is a perfect solution.  It looks fancy and taste elegant, but the beauty is in its simplicity.  It’s a sweet treat that will excite your tastebuds for the flavors of summer.  And ice cream is … Continue reading Mint Poached Peaches

Walnut-Basil Pesto Illustrated

I’m guilty. I consumed unmentionable amounts of sugar the past few weeks.  And now with a Hawaii wedding 5 weeks away, it’s time to cut the sugar, and other indulgently rich meals, out of the picture, and get back to some good ole clean eating! I’m always a sucker for pesto, and this version has the added nutritional  benefits of the walnut, plus the bonus … Continue reading Walnut-Basil Pesto Illustrated

Sweet & Savory Bruschetta: Two Ways

I’ve always been a sucker for foods that have delightful combinations of sweet and savory. These two variations of bruschetta have just that perfect pairing, mixing salty cheeses with sweet fruits, honey, and nuts.  The blueberry, ricotta, basil, and honey combination is so unexpected atop toasted baguette but the recipe, which was created by the inspiring women of A Beautiful Mess, is so delicious and … Continue reading Sweet & Savory Bruschetta: Two Ways