Life has been beautifully busy lately! A new job with Lululemon has created a lot of wonderful change, but as I adjust to my new schedule I am still learning where my personal creative time fits in.   Luckily I’ve been able to stretch my creative legs at work!

Lulu FuelHappy Meditation

For the holiday season Lululemon launched #fuelhappiness with the purpose of spreading joy to individuals, and our communities.  Kindness, purpose, meditation, positivity, pleasure, connection, and gratitude are seven practices which are scientifically proven to increase happiness, and they make up #fuelhappiness.  At the Lululemon showroom in Fort Collins, each team member was given a week and one of the practices which fuel happiness, and asked to come up with a way to share that theme with guests and the community for their given week .  I was thrilled to be given mediation, as it is something I am continually pursuing and believe to be key to my own contentment.  I chose to use my design and illustrating skills for this project, putting together handouts for both ambassadors to take out into the community, as well as smaller handouts for all of our guests to take with them.  The handouts I made focused on Gabrielle Bernstein’s Mantra Meditation, which Lululemon features on their website where they offer further inspiration for fueling happiness.

Lulu FuelHappy Meditation


Lulu FuelHappy Meditation


Lulu FuelHappy Meditation

PeaceBegins Inside

peace begins collage

I gives me joy to have brought this piece of #fuelhappiness into our store, and our community, by giving guests something to take with them, so they could share it, and continue the cycle of happy!  It truly fuels my happiness to be able to use my art to inspire happiness and peace in others.


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