Our Wedding / Part II


Today I am very excited to finally  share our wedding photos!  These pictures just make me feel so filled with love and gratitude, it was truly the most special day of my life.  All the hard work and preparation we had put in leading up to this moment, was so worth it, and even though the wedding was almost 100% DIY, the whole day still felt so relaxed.  Like I mentioned in my first wedding post, it was so special having family and my closets friends there not only to watch us get married, but to be a hands on part of our big day.  Leading up to wedding day, my biggest anxiety was that everything would fly by in a flash and I wouldn’t have time to savor the whole day.  That did not happen.  Though there were moments that seemed a whirl wind of activity, I still got to soak in every detail.   The day was  filled with color, beauty, laughter, love, hugs, good food, wonderful music, walks to the beach and pure joy,  I have all the wonderful people in my life to thank for that.  Standing with Bill in front of all of our guests I never felt so sure of myself and our love.   I felt zero nerves, just pure bliss and happiness to be in that moment, with my best friend and partner smiling warmly into my eyes, and complete support of all those who came all the way to Hawaii to be there with us.    For me the intimacy of our wedding was perhaps the best decision we made when planning.  While planning we were very true to ourselves, not adhering to most wedding traditions, but focusing on a day that celebrated us and our life together very genuinely.


Wedding Bedroom blog

Wedding Bedroom9Blog




Ceremony 2 Blog






Ceremony Blog



We had some very special guests that really made our day extra special.  My uncle was our officiant, and he prepared the most beautiful ceremony that spoke perfectly of us as individuals and as a couple.  Having our very close friend Justin, a super talented musician who also played at my sister’s wedding, play his guitar and ukulele for the ceremony, was one of the most special gifts.  Hearing him play Tonight You Belong to Me and Band of Horses, No One’s Gonna Love You, brought the first tears to my eyes of the day.  It was beautiful.


Ceremony 136Blog


Ceremony 138Blog









The only outside help we really had was with the food, which we had catered by the Pig and the Lady.  It was phenomenal!  We also way over ordered for our small wedding, but with most of us staying under one roof for the four days after the wedding, the left overs (the best curry I maybe have ever had) did not go to waste!.  Our flowers we pre-ordered and picked up from Whole Foods, then the night before the wedding the girls and I made the flower crowns and small arrangements. However before the leaving for Hawaii we took a flower crown class and got some very helpful advise from the amazing ladies at Lace and Lilies.

Decorations9 Blog

Ceremony Kim & Bill & EveryoneBlog


Beach Wedding Couple Blog
Wedding Beach 51Bolg





After Ceremony 300Blog

Finally my dad took on the huge role as photographer, with assistance from my best friend Alexis, and they did the most wonderful job capturing the day.  I couldn’t me more grateful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this momentous day even more incredible.  Some of the best memories ever were created in this backyard, I cherish them all.

Our Wedding Invites

Our Wedding / Part 1

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