Savasana Chakra Garden


Savasana, the act of surrender, practicing becoming one with the earth, letting go, and appreciating stillness. I love the heaviness I feel in my body during savasana at the end of practice, allowing the earth to hold all my weight. I was inspired by this pose for this piece I recently finished in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to represent the body connected to the earth and being part of growth. Also, I often use my illustrations to self-educate, and something I have been curious about more and more lately is ayurvedic medicine. So, I did some research on which plant and herbs are associated with benefiting each chakra, then illustrated them aligned on the body accordingly.

Savasana Chakra GardenBlog

My resources for the plants which benefit the chakras I found on the web here and here.  I know there is tons of literature on this subject out there so if anyone has anyone has a recommendation that would be welcomed!  Also I’d love to hear any feedback you might have! I hope that my work educates, inspires, and spurs further curiosity.

Have a beautiful Monday!


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