Our Wedding / Part 1

Wedding Yoga10

Bill and I had a very intimate, relaxed, DIY, backyard, Hawaiian wedding.  It was perfect.

I put a lot of preparation into the wedding the last six weeks leading up to the moment we were on our way to  Oahu.  I took a flower crown class with the wonderful ladies at Lace and Lilies, who helped me put together a list of flowers to look for,  and then worked over phone, and through email with Whole Foods Oahu to get a whole sale flowers ordered for pick-up few day before the wedding.  I also called craft stores to make sure I’d be able to get my last few DIY necessities on the island, and my mom arranged for The Pig and the Lady to cater the main portion of our dinner. Mostly though I made decorations, a lot of colorful paper decorations, and then made sure we got everything, and everyone, to Hawaii!  It was fun planning but it can kept us busy right up till departure time!  Before that whole phase of planning began though we had to find our location.   Finding the perfect rental house through airbnb was a task, we had quite a few requests, and understandably most hosts did not want to host the wedding at the house.  But fate landed us in the most beautiful home just a block from Kailua Beach, with enough room for our ten closest friend’s and ourselves, and with owners trusting and kind enough to let us rent their home and invite all our guests over.  Perfect for the outdoor wedding, the home had large front and back yards and came with some sweet surprises, two hammocks that were always being put to use, passion fruit growing on the front trellis ready to pick,  boogie boards, cruiser bikes, grills, and a giant Jenga game.  We felt very fortunate every moment we were there.

The day of the wedding itself was very laid back.  I knew I wanted to start the day with yoga, and I thought it would be a memorable gift to be able to share that with guests at my wedding.  I had been following Allison Texeira, @bohoyogini, on Instagram for quite a while and when I realized that she might be close to where our wedding was going to be, I reached out to see if she might be interested in teaching a class for us the morning of.  I was so thrilled when I got her email back and she was game!  Allison also very graciously agreed to travel to us so we could have our class right where we where staying and where the wedding would be, making it even more unforgettable.

The morning of the wedding I woke up just before the sun came up, while everyone else was asleep, and walked to the beach to watch the sunrise, be still, and finish writing and reflecting on my vows.  Coming back to the house to begin a yoga practice with a teacher I admire and a group of individuals I love most, was one of the most special moments of my life, and beautifully jump started a day that was filled with so much love.  I also felt I needed this time to ground myself in the presence of the day so everything didn’t run away from me as a began setting up and getting ready, because after yoga it was go time! I had all hands on board helping set up the backyard and the house for the day.   I really had the best guest, everyone got super involved in helping make our wedding day happen.  So here’s some photos of how it got started!

Wedding Yoga8 Blog

Wedding Yoga9 Blog

Wedding Yoga7 Blog

Wedding Yoga 5 Blog

On a day of new beginnings,  I love that Bill and I had the opportunity  to share two yoga firsts!  Allison guided us into our first partner yoga pose and then Bill surprised me with his headstand!

Wedding Prep1 Blog

Wedding Prep2 Blog

Wedding Prep7 Blog

Wedding Prep4 Blog

Wedding Prep5 Blog


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