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It’s about time!  My silence here on the blog has been mostly because I’ve been busy sorting, organizing, and editing the enormous amount of wedding photos we took so that I can begin sharing them!  Plus, I’ve been tackling few other design projects I look forward to sharing soon as well!

But first!  I have been really excited to share our wedding invites that I designed!  It was difficult not to share earlier but I figured I better wait till after the wedding.  We had a laid back, colorful, intimate, Hawaii wedding.  Beautiful vibrant color, and a personal illustration were my main focus.  Metallic gold and glitter were also very prevalent in our wedding decorating, so I hand embossed each invite with gold glitter (these pictures don’t do it justice but you can see it below dotted with the confetti, and on the opened lower fold sprayed across the fold).  I love color too much and I couldn’t restrict myself to a limited color scheme, so I let the invites be as colorful as possible.  As a designed the rest of the wedding I used the invites to guide most of my color choices.  I love the direction these invites led me.

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