Choose Love

flyingseattle     Anyone who has a consistent, dedicated yoga practice will attest that the physical asanas we practice are only a part of a greater whole, and what yoga has to offer us reaches much deeper into our bodies than our muscles.   When I first approached yoga almost a decade ago, I came at it with aggression and my practice was filled with self judgement and criticism.   At the time my life was chaotic, I was struggling to keep myself afloat and yoga seemed like maybe it could help fix somethings in my life.  But your practice will only give back to you as much as you put into it.  It took years for me to accept this, embrace this, live this.  After an on and off again relationship with my mat for many years I have found a steady and honest connection with my practice.  The impact it has had on me is reflected in so many aspects of my life, that daily, I feel amazed by its gifts. And in return I take care to be aware of my self integrity.  Only I can get my body and my mind to my practice everyday and only I can do the work for myself.

In one of my favorite classes the past week we were reminded that we have the choice, to choose love or to choose fear, and by choosing love we open ourselves physically and mentally to much more, enhancing ourselves, rather than depleting ourselves.  This resonated with me, as I have found each choice I make that places love before fear, creates light and empowerment within me, allowing me to let go even more of unnecessary self-doubt, and destructive habits. Breaking mental habits can seem near impossible at times, but through a physical practice, I have learned to clear the mental chatter, and create new truths that are rooted deeper in love.  But this is a practice that cannot be abandoned, the more we practice this awareness, the more it grows, and the deeper it roots in us.

Our physical bodies often align with everything else going on within ourselves, so as I’ve healed, and grown spiritually and mentally so as my body, and I find myself flying.  I want to share what I learn from my practice, because I myself would not have found my yoga practice if it was not for all the many wonderful teachers and students who have guided and inspired me.  And though I feel I bit vulnerable writing this first post about my practice, I choose not to be fearful but excited to be opening new chapters of love.  Namaste.


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