BeeHive House of Hair & Art : Design

  I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project for quite a while! This is a custom logo design I completed for a client who recently opened a hair salon, combined with beautiful renovated space for art!  The client wanted a sophisticated, simple logo with a gender neutral nod towards bees and nature. She referenced the beautifully spot on Anthropologie as inspiration for her space … Continue reading BeeHive House of Hair & Art : Design


Life has been beautifully busy lately! A new job with Lululemon has created a lot of wonderful change, but as I adjust to my new schedule I am still learning where my personal creative time fits in.   Luckily I’ve been able to stretch my creative legs at work! For the holiday season Lululemon launched #fuelhappiness with the purpose of spreading joy to individuals, and … Continue reading #fuelhappiness

Each Morning You Are Given a Blank Canvas…

I created this little cartoon based on the words of one of my most influential yoga teachers Carrie Martello. Don’t let the negatives of the day before muddy the next day. Know you are given a clean slate & the choice to focus on, & express, love, graduated, & kindness in each moment. Make your life as colorful, vibrant, & full as love as possible. … Continue reading Each Morning You Are Given a Blank Canvas…

What Is Yoga to Me & Why Do I Practice Yoga

Yesterday I began my second yoga teacher training, a week intensive at Core Power Yoga, my home studio in Fort Collins.  Seven years ago I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, but I was not in a place in my life where I was ready to teach, I was healing and struggling with many personal insecurities, so I abandoned my practice and never took … Continue reading What Is Yoga to Me & Why Do I Practice Yoga

Mint Poached Peaches

This dessert looks lovely when served, and really is just so delicious! As the weather warms up, and time spent in the kitchen baking becomes a little less desirable, this is a perfect solution.  It looks fancy and taste elegant, but the beauty is in its simplicity.  It’s a sweet treat that will excite your tastebuds for the flavors of summer.  And ice cream is … Continue reading Mint Poached Peaches